Call for applications

For details on the submission procedure (deadline: 31 January 2019):

Who can apply

The workshop “DH – the perspective of Africa” will welcome students and early-career scholars from the African continent for a week of lectures, tutorials, presentations, networking and debate. The number of participants that can be admitted to the workshop is limited to 20 scholars, to be selected through this Call for Applications. The selected participants are expected to attend DH2019 in Utrecht as well.

Workshop language

The working language of the workshop and DH2019 is English, but applications may be submitted in French as well. Applications in French have to be accompanied by a statement indicating that active participation in events held in English is feasible and that effective communication in English can be expected from the applicant.

Travel bursaries

Grants to cover the costs for travel and accommodation during the Lorentz workshop and DH2019, plus the conference fee for DH2019 can be applied for. Participants and/or the institutions they are affiliated to will be asked for contribution to the costs of accommodation during the workshop and DH2019.

Selection criteria & procedure

For the allocation of workshop places the following elements will be taken into account:
motivation letter by applicant (700-1000 words)
letter of support  by supervisor (max 1 page)

In their motivation letter applicants should indicate:
– their research interests and current or planned research;
– their digital skills and the DH competences they would like to develop
and/or to improve during the workshop;
– their earlier involvement in DH events (workshops, etc.) as a
participant or otherwise.

In the selection procedure extra weight will be attributed to applications from (co)authors of contributions proposed for the DH2019 conference programme. In addition diversity across the dimensions such as geography and gender will be sought.

The selection of participants is in the hands of a committee of scholars and experts involved in leading one or more workshop sessions.
Selected participants will be expected to prepare themselves for the workshop by submitting a personal profile that can be shared (template will be provided) with the workshop lecturers.