Who Are We?

The Network for Digital Humanities in Africa was born out of the workshop Digital Humanities: the perspective of Africa, a satellite event of DH2019. The workshop (funded by the Lorentz Center, CLARIN ERIC and other sponsors) took place from 1-5 July 2019, in the week before DH2019. The event aimed at the articulation of developments in the field of digital humanities (DH) in Africa. The workshop participants and facilitators went to host a special booth on Digital Humanities in Africa, presented papers, and participated actively during the ADHO 2019 conference in Utrecht. The Network has been growing since then: check out the community page, where you too can join us, and follow the developments in digital humanities around the continent on our social media channels below.

Digital Humanities – The perspective of Africa from Sjoerd Sijsma on Vimeo.