Digital Humanities – the perspective of Africa

Digital Humanities – the perspective of Africa is a satellite workshop of DH2019, the international ADHO conference for the Digital Humanities in Utrecht (9-12 July 2019).

From 1-5 July 2019, in the week before DH2019, the Lorentz Center in Leiden is hosting a workshop aimed at the articulation of the specific developments in the field of digital humanities (DH) that are taking shape in Africa and their potential to enhance the global DH agenda. In addition, attention will be given to capacity building and the planning of initiatives along the lines of science4development’ . The programme includes introductions into the infrastructural support for DH and the most widely used data analysis methods within the humanities and social sciences (see for a recent example of such a ‘Data and DH/Library carpentry’ event). Results of the workshop’s project-related activities are selected for presentation during a special slot of DH2019.

In total 25 scholars from 11 African countries are participating. They were selected out of 65 applicants who responded to a call that was issued in December 2018.

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